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About Violette

The V in V_FR

I dreamed of being a fashion designer or a painter. I couldn’t decide between the two until one night I applied glitter on my friend’s face for a party...and everything changed.

I was 19 years old, living in Paris, and that night I decided I had to go to New York to become a makeup artist that will paint and dress up faces. I wanted to celebrate people as muses. 

Two weeks later I was in NYC. I had no makeup experience, no makeup products, no money, and I was not good at speaking English. With the little money I had, I bought individual pots of makeup pigment to mix, blend, and create my own products on set. I read all of Kevin Aucoin’s books and was ready to conquer the industry with my mini suitcase full of pigments. I did everything I could to make it in NYC, but there weren’t enough jobs coming in, so back to Paris I went. 

At that point, I gave myself four years to make it or change my career path. During that period I got some yes’s, but mostly a lot of no’s. Can I have a job? NO. I’ll do your makeup for free? NO. And then I was told: You need to go to makeup school. You need to assist. Nobody is going to hire you otherwise. You need to focus on commercial work, stop being so creative, you’ll never be in Vogue.  

I had rebelled against the industry, my advisors, my friends. I followed my gut and worked extremely hard.

Over the course of 17 years, I got to collaborate with renowned photographers I had dreamed of working alongside and editors of magazines (including Vogue!) whose pages I studied during the earlier days of my career. I became the International Makeup Designer for Dior. I worked on product development for Sephora. I became the Global Beauty Director for Estée Lauder. I connected with so many of you through my Instagram and YouTube channels, which inspired me to take the next step in my career...

And now, the dreamiest of all dreams, I am the founder of VIOLETTE_FR.

VIOLETTE_FR was developed to remind you that you were born perfect. It was made for all of you who wrote to me on social media saying you identified with a different aesthetic— one that was both totally natural and deeply creative. For the people who were more interested in celebrating individuality and differences rather than fixating on trends.

VIOLETTE_FR has been in development for three years, but really it’s been on my mind my whole career. All my years as a makeup artist allowed me to play with the best products in the world. But I still felt that something was missing: Products that are safe, effective, efficient, luxurious and accessible. These were the elements that I focused on for this brand. Everything I create is easy to use by anyone— from the maven to the novice. I was and still am focused on sourcing clean, but highly pigmented formulas, and packaging that is not only beautiful and easy to use, but environmentally-conscious.

VIOLETTE_FR was created to encourage you to have fun with makeup, laugh at yourself, seduce yourself, and most importantly, believe with all of your heart in your own je ne sais quoi. Because that is what makes you unique, that is what makes you YOU and you all are my muses.

VIOLETTE_FR was made for you... avec amour.




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