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Boum-Boum Milk

Skincare / All Over Cream Spray

Your mood

How do you feel today? Sensitive? Playful? Confident? Tender? And how do you aspire to feel today? If you’re a bit tired, why don’t you try on a red lip? It will wake you up. Feeling sexy? Wear a cat eye and play with your sexiness today. Need creative vibes? Blue is a good color for that. Maybe it’s winter, but you want to feel like it’s summer? Warm up with copper. “Mood-thinking” helps us listen more deeply to ourselves and turns makeup into an intentional act. No compulsive fixing or monotonous makeup “routine” here -- just lots and LOTS of feelings worth celebrating.

So let’s begin. Take a breath and tap into your mood. Click the color or feeling that makes you vibrate, and then explore the corresponding looks and curated products.

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Create the Look

Dare to Dare

When asked, “what is the product you’re most inclined to wear?” most people head to the matte section and choose something neutral. When asked “what is the product you’re most attracted to?” most people end up here. It’s time to follow your desires and see what you find. We dare you.

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Yeux Paint

Eyes / Liquid Eyeshadow + Liner


Matte: Dieu Bleu Matte: Ciel de Nuit Matte: Poison des Délices Matte: Nuage de Lilas Matte: Caramel Chaud Matte: Tendre Corail Matte: Tout Doux Matte: Petite Culotte Twinkling: Violette Sauvage Twinkling: Rêve de Dahlia Twinkling: Rose d’Aurore Twinkling: Cuivre de l’Aube Twinkling: Marron Glacé Twinkling: Bleu de Minuit Twinkling: Scarabée d'Or

Yeux Paint

Eyes / Liquid Eyeshadow + Liner

The smooth formula and tapered applicator lets you create multiple eye looks with ease — no base, brush, or touch-ups required. Glide the flat side of the applicator along the top lash line and quickly blend the pigment upwards into...

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Color: Bleu de Minuit



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