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Boum-Boum Milk

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Meet the New Eye Essentials


Meet the New Eye Essentials

Our best-selling Yeux Paint wardrobe just expanded with two everyday essentials that will enhance your eye looks in completely customizable ways. Introducing: Petite Culotte and Marron Glacé. These new shades of the highly pigmented, easy-to-use eye colors you love seamlessly blend onto eyelids and can go from precise liner to smokey shadow, allowing you to play into any mood you’re feeling and express yourself. 

Petite Culotte, or “simple cotton panties,” will become as integral to your beauty routine as intimates are to your outfits. It’s a beautiful, wearable matte beige that can brighten or darken the lids, depending on who’s wearing it. Marron Glacé, or “chestnut candy,” is a confection in makeup form. Inspired byViolette’s favorite childhood treat from the famed Angelina in Paris, this twinkling rich brown adds a touch of magic gourmandise.

Petal Bouche Meets Pink’s Deeper Side

Our brand-new Petal Bouche in Coeur Infidèle is here to make a pink lover out of you. The spicy second shade of our best-selling matte liquid lip color is a boundary-pushing bold hue that’s finally here after a year and a half spent getting it just right. Think of it as pink, repositioned with a touch of danger. 

Unlike prior pinks you may have played with, Coeur Infidèle, meaning unfaithful heart in French, unleashes a new, more daring era with its balance of vibrant fuchsia and a yellow and blue base. This unique juxtaposition of bright and dark, warm and cool, captures a new way of wearing pink. Layer it on for dramatic depth, experiment with an ombré effect, or simply swipe once for a touch of tint, then see how this pink pushes you past your beauty comfort zone into never-before-tried territory.

Get the complete routine by customizing with this skin and makeup set. The best gift for beauty-loving friends or a special treat just for you!

Your Skin’s Soft Hydrating Cocoon


Your Skin’s Soft Hydrating Cocoon

Violette_FR C’est La Cream is a barrier cream four years in the making with ingredients that naturally improve this protective skin layer and its microbiome. A skin barrier at its strongest is a buffer that locks in hydration while blocking out environmental aggressors like pollutants. C’est La Cream doubles down with supportive ingredients that won’t clog or smother. Think of it as a protective nest cocooning your skin. 

Our 98% natural formula contains no petrolatum or silicones, so it sinks into skin—never sits. Natural beet sugar, French marshmallow root, Japanese Getto plant extract, hyaluronic acid, squalane, and jojoba oil easily “nest” into the lipids that surround our skin cells for soft, moisturized, highly-protected skin. Bonus: It’s also a mask, eye cream, and body cream.

Get the complete routine by starting with a few sprays of C’est La Cream’s best friend, Boum-Boum Milk.

The Boum-Boum Milk Experience is live in Paris!

We invite you to enjoy a moment of pure magic in the expert hands of Barbara Sand. Facial masseuse, certified in sophrology, expert in energy and Sino-Japanese massage, Barbara welcomes you to her confidential studio in the 8th arrondissement in Paris and offers you a full one-hour facial treatment whose protocol has been specifically designed to multiply the benefits tenfold of our moisturizer, Boum-Boum Milk - a cult favorite! Its massage technique alternates softness and depth to strengthen all the organic functions of cell regeneration, while targeted muscular work enhances facial features, redefines the contours of the oval and opens up the eyes. The ingredients of Boum-Boum Milk act in synergy with the massage gestures: the result is astounding! The complexion is immediately more radiant and luminous. The skin is deeply hydrated and plumped! Don't wait and book now!

The Boum-Boum Milk Experience is live in Paris!
The V in VFR

Note From The Founder

The V in VFR

"Our differences, our weirdness, our 'je ne sais quoi' is what makes us each who we are and that is beautiful. VIOLETTE_FR celebrates our perfect imperfections."