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Skincare / All Over Cream Spray

VIOLETTE_FR x Dieux Skin Forever Eye Mask

VIOLETTE_FR x Dieux Skin Forever Eye Mask

Skincare / Reusable Eye Mask

Skincare / Reusable Eye Mask

The award-winning Dieux Skin reusable eye mask, now with some je ne sais quoi. Complete your skincare routine with these limited-edition reusable patches to help hold eye serums and creams close to the skin, allowing for better product absorption. 

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This exclusive collaboration with award-winning cult favorite Dieux Skin gives you a moment of relaxation during your skincare routine. The eye patches are fully reusable and can be washed for constant hydrated skin ! Another bonus? While the masks give your under eyes heavenly hydration they catch makeup fallout.

How To Use: Simply apply C'est La Cream or your eye skincare of your choice, and let it get tacky by waiting 10-30 seconds. Then place the eye mask on top. Note: if you apply too much product, the mask will slip. Wait 10-20 minutes doing whatever ritual you please from an eye makeup look to making your morning coffee. When finished, simply peel to reveal more hydrated and revived under eyes !

How to Care: Apply a small amount of soap and water on the eye patches to remove any remaining skincare product. Pat the eye patches dry with a towel, and place back in the tin keeping the plastic insert to extend the longevity of its life.

100% non-porous silicone

Dieux Skin is a New York skincare brand that respects the environment, is transparent with formulas and prices, and utilizes powerful ingredients. For Violette, Dieux Skin is "a brand without filters or marketing blabber, very serious. Dieux creates extraordinary products, including these eye masks that are hugely successful worldwide. I am very proud of this collaboration, and of these eye patches that we developed together, to lift the gaze and offer a moment of relaxation, just for oneself."


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