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Boum-Boum Milk

Skincare / All Over Cream Spray

Complimentary Reactive Skin Rescue Serum on Orders $90+

Your mood

How do you feel today? Sensitive? Playful? Confident? Tender? And how do you aspire to feel today? If you’re a bit tired, why don’t you try on a red lip? It will wake you up. Feeling sexy? Wear a cat eye and play with your sexiness today. Need creative vibes? Blue is a good color for that. Maybe it’s winter, but you want to feel like it’s summer? Warm up with copper. “Mood-thinking” helps us listen more deeply to ourselves and turns makeup into an intentional act. No compulsive fixing or monotonous makeup “routine” here -- just lots and LOTS of feelings worth celebrating.

So let’s begin. Take a breath and tap into your mood. Click the color or feeling that makes you vibrate, and then explore the corresponding looks and curated products.

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A tender touch

On those days when you want to feel comfortable and effortless but still beautiful, add a touch of coral on the eyes or cheeks, skip your daily blow-dry, and leave the skin pretty bare. At the end of the day, you’ll feel taken care of.

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Yeux Paint

Eyes / Liquid Eyeshadow + Liner


Matte: Dieu Bleu Matte: Ciel de Nuit Matte: Poison des Délices Matte: Nuage de Lilas Matte: Caramel Chaud Matte: Tendre Corail Matte: Tout Doux Matte: Petite Culotte Twinkling: Violette Sauvage Twinkling: Rêve de Dahlia Twinkling: Rose d’Aurore Twinkling: Cuivre de l’Aube Twinkling: Marron Glacé Twinkling: Bleu de Minuit Twinkling: Scarabée d'Or

Yeux Paint

Eyes / Liquid Eyeshadow + Liner

The smooth formula and tapered applicator lets you create multiple eye looks with ease — no base, brush, or touch-ups required. Glide the flat side of the applicator along the top lash line and quickly blend the pigment upwards into...

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Color: Tendre Corail



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Boum-Boum Milk

Skincare / All Over Cream Spray

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