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Boum-Boum Milk

Skincare / All Over Cream Spray

Your mood

How do you feel today? Sensitive? Playful? Confident? Tender? And how do you aspire to feel today? If you’re a bit tired, why don’t you try on a red lip? It will wake you up. Feeling sexy? Wear a cat eye and play with your sexiness today. Need creative vibes? Blue is a good color for that. Maybe it’s winter, but you want to feel like it’s summer? Warm up with copper. “Mood-thinking” helps us listen more deeply to ourselves and turns makeup into an intentional act. No compulsive fixing or monotonous makeup “routine” here -- just lots and LOTS of feelings worth celebrating.

So let’s begin. Take a breath and tap into your mood. Click the color or feeling that makes you vibrate, and then explore the corresponding looks and curated products.

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A touch of rebellion

Embrace the espiégle in you. Be free with these products and have fun with yourself.

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Frange Puff

Haircare / Dry Shampoo Brush

Frange Puff

Haircare / Dry Shampoo Brush

Leave the clunky aerosol spray and hairbrush at home, and add a bit of OOMPH whenever and wherever you like. At your desk, in the taxi, post-workout or pre-dinner date. It’s small, discreet, refillable, and it actually fits your lifestyle....

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