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Boum-Boum Milk

Skincare / All Over Cream Spray

C'est la Cream

C'est la Cream

Skincare / Face cream and more

Skincare / Face cream and more

3.14 oz / 93ml

A Superior Barrier Cream

This multifaceted, moisturizing barrier cream creates a lightweight, comforting cocoon on skin. Its melt-to-velvet finish never looks too shiny and works perfectly under makeup (wear tested by Violette, herself). Developed over the course of four years by French skincare veterans, the efficient-but-gentle C’est La Cream can be used as a day-and-night cream and made to layer on top of Boum-Boum Milk.

Key Highlights: 

  • 98% naturally-derived ingredients. Vegan. No petrolatum or silicones.
  • Hydrates deeply while preventing transepidermal water loss
  • Protects against environmental aggressors
  • Boosts skin cell health with antioxidants and microbiome support 

Create your skincare routine with Boum-Boum Milk + C'est La Cream: 

The Dream Skin Duo:  $118.80 (Originally $132) 

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 Use AM and PM on top of Boum-Boum Milk or just clean bare skin. Suitable for all skin types. Fragrance-free.  

What is a barrier cream, exactly? Barrier is shorthand for the skin’s lipid barrier—a natural layer of healthy fat, ceramides, and cholesterol that rests on the surface of our porous skin so that helpful things stay in and harmful things stay out. (It’s technically called the stratum corneum.)  Unlike occlusive products such as petroleum jelly and silicones that just sit on skin, a good barrier cream has ingredients similar to barrier’s natural components so they can “nest” in. And, if you’re really lucky, it’s as satisfying to apply as it is supportive for your skin health. In other words, it’s C’est La Cream!

French Marshmallow Root contains sugars that create a protective layer, keeping out environmental aggressors that are often responsible for premature skin damage

Dried Japanese Getto Plant Leaves comes from the Blue Zone of Okinawa, Japan and encourages cohesiveness of cells in the barrier, enhancing its glow and smoothness 

Beet Sugars feed the good bacteria in skin’s natural microbiome for added protection 

Squalane helps maintain the skin’s hydration levels and restores suppleness

Organic Jojoba Oil nourishes the skin and delivers a velvety-rich, non-oily texture  

Stabilized Vitamin C Antioxidants fights free radicals and gives skin a healthy, lit-from-within glow 

Provitamin B5, aka panthenol, is a moisturizer found naturally in our skin that boosts skin softness and elasticity

Water (Aqua), Pentylene Glycol, C15-19 Alkane, Glycerin, Polyglyceryl-6, Stearate, Cetearyl Alcohol, Panthenol, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Squalane, Propanediol, Sodium Hyaluronate, Gluconolactone, Alpha-glucan oligosaccharide, Tocopherol, Xanthan Gum, Polyglyceryl-6 Behenate, Ascorbyl Glucoside, Sodium Benzoate, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter, Althaea Officinalis (Marshmallow) Root Extract, Alpinia Speciosa Leaf Extract, Polygonum Fagopyrum (Buckwheat) Seed Extract, Calcium Gluconate, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Hydroxide

Founder's note

“This formula was four years in the making! I’ve learned so much about good skin care in my years as a makeup artist working closely with all types of skin, plus my own skin can be very reactive. I grew fascinated with how to give skin immediate benefits of hydration and softness, while helping it use its own natural functions to grow healthier over time. That’s why I created C’est La Cream—it’s THE cream.”

Step by Step

Prep skin with Boum-Boum Milk.

Massage into skin to help it absorb.

Squeeze a quarter-size of C’est La Cream onto your palm or fingertips. Massage into your face and neck, using gentle upward motions.

For a deep hydration boost, apply a thick layer of C’est La Cream. Wait for at least 10 minutes or leave it on overnight.


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Michel H.
United States United States

lovely cream

my skin does like this cream. calming and moisturizing. my eyes do not like the cream. if a little gets in eye accidentally, it irritates a bit. not a reaction I usually have from face creams I have used previously. I will continue to use but must keep further away from eyes than other creams.

Trish M.
Ireland Ireland

Cest la cream

Its a gorgeous cream.. my skin loves it and feels so smooth but no tackiness.. beautiful packaging

Faye V.
United States United States

C’est la creme

Fantastic! Very light over Baume. I can already see an improvement in my skin.. I need to order more Baume . You were out of stock When I ordered C’est la creme.

Hiba Z.
Canada Canada

Amazing product, and….

At first I was surprised by how lightweight CLC is as a barrier cream. And within three weeks my skin was more bouncy and hydrated. I’m onto my second tube with a third already in my cabinet. It’s the gentlest yet helpful cream I’ve tried for my very very sensitive skin. I only wish it was a pump to control how much comes out better because a little goes a long way. Having the tube though means I can cut it open towards the end and get all the goodness until the last drop. So. A pump on the tube? :)

United States United States

Not for me---so sad :(

I really wanted to love this because Violette is #goals and I love her Boum Boum Milk, but this creme pills for me in any and all instances and skincare combos, including just by itself. I'll keep getting the others, but I keep coming back to this gorgeous tube, only to be disappointed every time. 3 stars because the packaging is lovely and I am reusing the box it came in, lol.

Katherine I.
United States United States

Soft and delicate and nourishing

I've been using C'est La Cream for a while now, and it beats out all the other French brands I've tried (I generally only use French skincare, because it's kinder to my face). My rosacea has lessened and my inflammation is much, much less.

Melissa B.
United States United States

Love it

Love it, very hydrating and light and easy to use for face or body. Think we need a travel size… :) maybe a larger size…

Jackie C.
United States United States


I love this cream. I have used different types of moisturizer- this one is the perfect balance. Especially when used in accordance with the Baum Baum Milk!!

Merlyn P.
United States United States

I love Love LOVE this face cream

I love it, or should I say, my SKIN loves it. I love the consistency, it has no perfume and my sensitive skin soaks it right up. I use with the Boum-Boum Milk and it's the best. Excited and I hope I finally found the face cream of my dreams!

Sara R.
United States United States

My beautiful cream.....

It is truly like using Silk on your skin. I have very dry, sensitive, reactive skin and I thought this is not going to work...nothing does. I was very wrong. My dry skin is gone and replaced with soft, healthy skin. I don't even need to use it every day. Please come up with a cleanser to go with this and my beloved Boum Boum Milk.

margaret k.
United States United States

Packaging switch?

Love the cream itself, my skin texture is always so hydrated and smooth. One *ask*, the cap to the tube is small and very hard to screw on sometimes, especially with one hand! Is there a way to make the cap thicker for better grip or the threads deeper?

Kaitlin R.
United States United States

Cloud puff from heaven

This formula is velvety soft. I can’t honestly tell you the consistency. It’s neither thick nor thin. It’s quickly absorbent but satisfying in moisture. It doesn’t clog pores and it doesn’t feel greasy. It’s weightless. Make up applies beautifully on top. It pairs beautifully with Boume Boume Milk or stands alone perfectly. It’s pricy but worth it. I don’t know how it will perform in the dead heat of summer or a freezing winter but right now it’s is my go-to nourishing cream. And a little goes a loooong way.

Sarah H.
United States United States

In love!

I’ve been using c’est la crème for a few weeks now, but I kid you not 2 days in people could not stop complementing me on my skin!! Also, I’ve since been traveling between really dry and really humid climates and this cream has helped keep my skin completely unfazed and moisturized. I have really sensitive acne prone skin and I use it at night after boum boum milk. Absolutely in love!

Samanta M.
Portugal Portugal

A must have!

Love this product! I tend to have oily skin, however, lately I've been experiencing dry skin. I apply C'est la Cream at night (after Boum-Boum Milk) and wake up to amazing, hydrated skin (not oily/greasy). Overall, I've had an extremely positive experience with all of the products I've been using from the brand!

Denmark Denmark

Unfortunately not for my skin

I like boum boum milk, but unfortunately the cream didn't work for my skin. I have acne-prone skin, and saw an increase in little bumps after some days of using it. Also it pilled on my skin when massaging it in. The packaging is beautiful though.

Yoyis H.
United States United States

My cream for life.

This cream is sublime! My face feels supple and hydrated without an oily feeling, awesome just under makeup. Thank you Violette for sharing the magic!