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Bisou Balm


Bisou Balm

Lips / Sheer Matte Lipstick

Lips / Sheer Matte Lipstick

Bisou Balm is a sheer matte lipstick that provides lips with a satisfying natural tint. Its unique finish leaves lips with the perfect amount of pigment for a just-been-kissed effect. Bouche mordue, in French, means “just bitten lips”. Think lips with a flash of color, like maybe after you’ve just been kissed. In France, after red lipstick, this is our favorite lip look.

Bisou Balm comes in three wearable colors to fit every mood!

Individual Product

Color: Calisson

Limited edition box

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Like you’ve been kissing all night, this lipstick-meets-balm hybrid creates the perfect flash of chic, subtle color. Meaning “just bitten lips” in French, Bouche Mordue is an iconic Parisian look now achievable in one smooth swipe. Smooth Bisou Balm directly over lips—no need to kiss a tissue or your lover to achieve the perfect blotted look. Layer for more color payoff.


Founder's note

You’d think a product this effortless to use would be simple to make. On the contrary, it was such a pain in my butt! Bisou Balm was my beautiful problem child that required lots of special attention! Its qualities are contradictory, you see, as it had to be matte, but also sheer, comfortable, and easy to apply—with just the right amount of pigment. But whatever it took, I had to make it happen because this was the product I’d been dreaming of for so many years! It’s my ideal bouche mordue (just bitten lips) look to wear to work and to use on set. It’s become an essential wardrobe staple for me and all my girlfriends (who will be happy to stop carrying around lab samples and get ahold of the real thing!!).

Step by Step

Swipe once for a very subtle tint

Swipe twice for a satisfying natural lip color

Swipe three times for a just-been-kissed look--like the blood has flushed into the lips

Continue layering for more of a lipstick feel

The V_FR Standard

Safe, No-Compromise Ingredients

We surpass FDA cosmetic requirements for the U.S. and adhere to the stricter European Cosmetic Directive for safe ingredient use. We consistently test our products to ensure safety and efficacy. We prioritize high quality, ethically-sourced ingredients without compromise on performance or luxury. 

Vegan and Cruelty-Free

There are no animal-derived ingredients in any V_FR products (yes, we made the perfect red lip without carmine), and none of our products are tested on animals and all ingredients have been verified to meet the animal testing ban for Europe. 


We are committed to sourcing and utilizing environmentally-conscious  materials that are currently available versus creating concepts that may produce more waste --from the sustainable harvest of natural ingredients to packaging made mainly of PCR and PET -- a challenge that pushes us to be as innovative as possible. 

Commitment to Always Do Better

While we will continue to strive for the most environmentally-conscious and clean beauty standards, we recognize that we can always do better, which requires our consistent, active engagement. We make this commitment to ourselves and you. 


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United States United States
Love it but…

I love the bissou balm in betisse. I use it quite often because it is so natural and gives my lips such a natural flush. It’s easy to apply without a mirror because of how perfectly sheer it is. Also easy to build up for color payoff. My only beef with this lipstick is that a month after I started using it, the lipstick broke off from the bottom. I don’t know if it is due to the heat of the California or the lipstick not being adhesive enough to stay in shape. I still use it everyday because I love it so much. I’m just careful not to open it face down or the broken stick will come flying out and stain whatever surface it lands on.

Madison R.
United States United States
Comfortable Wash of Color

Slightly shocked by the quality of this product. Light, relatively moisturizing (compared to other matte products like Glossier), and perfectly diffuse color pay-off. I had faith that Violette would not put her name on something sub-par, and was right! I can't believe, after years of matte lipstick being in vogue, I had not found a product of equal (or greater) quality. I got Bêtise and Calisson; both have a color that will flatter a wide range of skin tones (reminiscent of Kosas). The product needs to be warmed up on the skin for a few seconds and then glides. The amount of product applied is not too much and has mild buildability. The second Guimauve comes back into stock I will be adding it to my cart.

United States United States
Not a balm- extremely drying formula

This is a beautiful wash of sheer matte color that you can apply on the go without a mirror (or to add a bit of color to your lips 2 seconds before a zoom call); but it is VERY dry. Not only is the formula dry, but it also feels drying on the lips. I feel I have to either prep my lips with a true lip balm or add lip balm on top for it to glide and not grip my lips as it “slides” on. Both of these methods don’t really play well with the formula nor give the intended effortless look. I honestly wish there was a return policy bc this didn’t work. If you want an alternative sheer matte, go with Glossier Gen G.

Germany Germany
Texture is meh

I really do love the color, but the texture to me is really drying on the lips. After a while it starts pilling which looks really odd.

United States United States
It's in the subtleties

I get the Betise for me and my friend. We have different complexions. It turned out to be the best no-makeup look lip color we ever had. The difference in this product is in the subtleties. Look forward to more products like this.

United States United States
Love this formula

I am a big fan of the matte/stain lipstick look and this did not disappoint. I got the red color and have pale, cool toned skin and it looks great, very natural with a hint of color. Very cool packaging as well.

United States United States
dream product

Obsessed. It's the perfect 24/7 product for a little wash of color to a full-on lip. I live in the desert, so lipstick is usually just way too drying, but this I can wear daily without feeling self-conscious about my lips looking dry. I like to put it on and rub it in with my finger to make it look extra natural/effortless. I ordered in Betiste and Guimauve, and Betiste has been my daily go-to. Guimauve is a little more of a statement for me, but love it too!

United States United States
Comfy and effortless

Love the Bisou Balm in Betise. It’s incredibly comfortable to wear. The color is buildable- sheer enough to apply without a mirror, but still makes an impact. Definitely a go-to for me.

United States United States
Kissable lips!

This balm is exactly as Violette has described it both literally and figuratively (cotton undies ;). They are a great addition to any lipstick wardrobe. I have Betise and Calisson and love them both! The texture is smooth and stays surprisingly balmy throughout its wear. Doesn’t dry out the lips or pill. The color effect is like balancing or evening out the color of your lips, and the look is quite natural. Like your lips, not lipstick. With Betise, it’s like you ****** on a lolly or bit your lips or had a passionate kiss, whatever the case may be, and so your lips are flushed but not like you put on lipstick. Love it! So there’s not a lot of color pay off as that’s not what this is intended to be (it won’t stain your coffee mug). It’s for those days where you just want your lip color to be even throughout the day but perfectly natural. You will want to keep re-applying though, not because it doesn’t last (it does), but because it just feels so good running it over and over your lips (never becomes thick, heavy or sticky) and rubbing your lips together. Bisou bisou indeed!

Canada Canada

I bought the shade Bêtise, and the colour is beautiful. I wasn't sure if I would like the texture because I normally don't like matte lip products, but this one is perfect! It goes on smoothly and feels matte but not too drying. I also love that it is very sheer on the first application and can also be built up for more colour. This is a new summer essential for me.

United States United States
Perfect, PERFECT color

I loves the color. Literally the perfect **** for me and I’ve tried a few, always too light or too dark. The reason I gave 4 stars instead of 5 is because it sometimes pills on my lips. I wish it was plusher and more moisturizing. It is called a balm after all. But overall I do like it very much and love Violette!

United States United States
Bisou Balm? C'est Parfait!

I wasn't sure about the idea of this kind of lip color, but I *love it! It's a comfortable texture and the shade is not overpowering like a full-on red lip. I'm looking forward to wearing it year 'round.

Karen M.
PSA: order Bêtise. You won’t regret it!

I bought all 3 shades at the pop-up store. First and foremost, those expecting a tinted lip balm might be disappointed. This is a buildable matte lip product that provides a very sheer almost imperceptible veil of colour ( a bit like the Glossier generation G). If you are worried about dryness and texture you will need to prep your lips with a lip balm or a rich cream beforehand. Once you apply the product you will get a very subtle but sophisticated and plumping effect. I think most people will be seduced by the palest colors, both which are very nice, but the star of the show is really bêtise, a brightening popsicle berry rose. It is the most perfect tone for most people, the kind that you often see professional makeup artists custom blend for fashion and beauty shoots. Thanks to Violette we can achieve that true bitten lip effect with just one swipe of product!


I bought all three colors, and I am in love! I have very fair olive skin, and it is so hard finding a true **** lip… Calisson is just that! It is the absolute best **** lip color I have ever tried. Bêtise and Guimauve are also stunning colors. I love the matte formula, which is comfortable and still hydrating. So so so in love with these! Thank you Violette!

United States United States
Love betise

This is my fifth V_fr product, so I’m clearly a fan. I’ve always looked for a natural pink lipstick to highlight my lip color. This is it. It’s my lips but better. You can layer for more tint. The texture is soft, but not as hydrating as a true balm or chapstick. This will be an everyday item for me.