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Avec Amour

Avec Amour

Perfume / Huile de Parfum

Perfume / Huile de Parfum

0.5 fl oz /  15mL 

 A musky, vetiver fragrance made for everyone and anyone, this roll-on scent will wake up your vavavoom.

It's sensual, yet earthy, blending musky amber, santal, and vetiver base notes with ylang-ylang middle notes and uplifting bergamot top notes. Like most things coming from heaven, it's almost indescribable. 

Take a deep breath and feel the way it touches your skin as you slowly roll the fragrance behind your ears and along your neck. Meaning "with love" in French, Avec Amour is best applied wherever you want to be kissed. 

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One sensual gesture and you’ve fallen in love with yourself all over again. Think of this fragrance as the match that lights the flame. Feel the way it touches your skin as you slowly roll it over the places you’d like to be kissed, and take pleasure throughout the day as the scent becomes your own.

Avec Amour is tiny, chic, and rolls onto the skin, which means application can be very discreet, or very sexywhichever you prefer. Toss it in your bag and reapply whenever and wherever feels good.


Founder's note

To me, beauty is a mood —not a “look.” That’s why I couldn’t develop any other products before creating this perfume. I had to capture that sensual, daring, free attitude that makes a person feel beautiful way before they put makeup on. This scent, above all, makes you feel something, but it also serves as a gentle reminder that beauty so often emerges from what we cannot see. It doesn’t stop with scent however. When you touch a roll-on fragrance directly to your skin, it becomes a sensual way in which you connect back with yourself throughout the day. This is not a moment to be ashamed of, so I made Avec Amour tiny and chic so you’d be proud to pull it out of your bag and reapply—wherever. A few people might fall in love with you along the way, but that’s just a side effect. First and foremost, you apply it “with love” for yourself.

Step by Step

Apply Avec Amour Behind Ears

Apply Avec Amour On Clavicle

Apply Avec Amour On Wrists

Apply Avec Amour On Chest

The V_FR Standard

Safe, No-Compromise Ingredients

We surpass FDA cosmetic requirements for the U.S. and adhere to the stricter European Cosmetic Directive for safe ingredient use. We consistently test our products to ensure safety and efficacy. We prioritize high quality, ethically-sourced ingredients without compromise on performance or luxury. 

Vegan and Cruelty-Free

There are no animal-derived ingredients in any V_FR products (yes, we made the perfect red lip without carmine), and none of our products are tested on animals and all ingredients have been verified to meet the animal testing ban for Europe. 


We are committed to sourcing and utilizing environmentally-conscious  materials that are currently available versus creating concepts that may produce more waste --from the sustainable harvest of natural ingredients to packaging made mainly of PCR and PET -- a challenge that pushes us to be as innovative as possible. 

Commitment to Always Do Better

While we will continue to strive for the most environmentally-conscious and clean beauty standards, we recognize that we can always do better, which requires our consistent, active engagement. We make this commitment to ourselves and you. 


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Patricia B.
Spain Spain
Love it!

Beautiful perfume, soft and sophisticated. The presentation of the box and the bottle is just amazing, so elegant. I had a small problem which was resolved immediately. Very good customer service.

United States United States
For the youthful lady

Soft, sweet and pleasant. Quite subtle - one needs to get close to notice it. Cannot be over applied - as it is an oil base scent. That said - IMO it is for a very young set - as it has a candy slightly powder scent. Almost reminded me of those Chowards Purple Violets. Most scents today have a sweetness to them so this may be up your alley if you are under 25yrs. It is a tad 'sophisticated'.

Beautiful and Sensuous

I was hesitant to order without a sample because my body chemistry tends not to mix well with many perfumes AND I find that so many perfumes are cloying and sickly. However, Violette has created a perfect scent that is somehow subtle yet bold. It does not overpower. It lasts on me, and that's a bonus. On me, the scent is musky, but not to much. The bergamot and vetiver add a touch of sparkle and brightness, but again, it's not too crisp.

United States United States
Sexy and natural!

I was lucky enough to go to the NYC pop-up and try some of the products as well as meet Violette (who is just as kind, easy-going, and BEAUTIFUL in person as she seems online!!) and this perfume absolutely did not disappoint! I prefer either very feminine, soft florals or warmer, musky scents and this falls more into the latter category. On me, it smells a bit sweet and soft, and reminds me of the smell of skin after a shower with luxurious soaps in a hotel, if that makes sense? It is not over-powering and smells very "natural" in that it doesn't smell like perfume, just an enhancement of my scent! Definitely upholds Violette's mantra of enhancing your beauty instead of masking/trying to change your features! If you want a fragrance to give you some extra-warm, sexy "oomph" and feel like a better smelling version of yourself, buy it!!

United States United States
First and last "vavavoom" for me

I really wanted to like this and ordered it in blind (mistake #1) because I like Violette's taste. The perfume is too musky for me, while I like the packaging, the bottle, the roll on application. When I tried to return it, I was informed returns for open products are not possible. I obviously smelled it and was honest about it (mistake #2)-- how would I have otherwise known whether I like it or not, given that it's only available online?! -- but have not used it, I dislike the smell and wouldn't put it on me. In brief, a 50+ USD mistake, it's on me for buying something in blind and trusting a small company which really needs to figure out their inexistent return policies or at least offer testers! My first and last order here.

Caitlin G.
United States United States
It’s ok

I’m a collector of fragrances and was very excited when this came out. It’s just ok. It’s a rather weak scent that blooms briefly and then settles into a faint vanilla musk on the skin. It lasted about 1.5 - 2 hrs maximum so I had to keep reapplying it. Perhaps it reacted differently to my body chemistry, but I haven’t been reaching for it in the month I’ve had it and I won’t be repurchasing.

United States United States
I really enjoy this scent.

This is a very non-offensive perfume. It is a light creme brûlée smell with slight depth. Not too sweet or fruity. My husband really enjoyed this scent on me. I MUST add, the packaging and bottle is gorgeous!

United Kingdom United Kingdom
Just not sure

My first impression was that I could not smell anything really, so I left it for a bit and tried it again another day, then I could smell coconuts with a musky smell it’s not horrible it’s just very very subtle. I so wanted to love it, as I like violette. French style. But I do love her lipstick !!!

United States United States
They called me delicious

I had two different men tell me they couldn’t stop thinking about the way I smelled. Whatever she’s got in this works. It’s sexy and earthy. Light but long lasting.

United States United States

Just received my order, and perfume is SO FAINT I can hardly smell anything! My boyfriend couldn't really smell anything either... Really wish sample vials were made available for products like this; I could have saved myself a lot of $$ by trying a smaller size first!

United States United States
Smells great - a little too faint

I’m never one to like an overpowering smell, but this perfume doesn’t have great lasting power. It takes lots of applications to even remotely feel like it’s on.

Rose B.
United States United States

It doesn't smell like anything in the bottle, maybe dust, but on the skin it smells like coconut powder...

United States United States
Love the concept, not my fragrance

Buying fragrances online is so difficult. I decided to take the plunge because I love musky scents with top notes of bergamot and middle notes of sandlewood. This would seem to be right up my ally, but sadly when I wear it I detect a really strong vanilla middle note. However, if you adore the fragrance, this is a hit. I love the small, portable but substantial packaging with the violette fr gold logo on the cap (which safely screws on, the stunning blue bottle and the roll on applicator. It’s perfect on the go or at bedtime or anytime really. I wish more brands made subtle oil based fragrances like this format bc they are so much easier to wear with zero “dry down” time and the ability to use it anywhere without annoying those around you with a spray. Dyptique and some other brands have great oil based rollerball products, but this one is much cuter! I only wish I liked the fragrance more. Also- it is not long lasting at all… but that is fine, it’s fun to reapply.

United States United States
Beautiful but too subtle.

I’m a big fan of Violette. For years. We tend to have the same taste in a lot of our makeup and philosophy surrounding makeup—likely due to the fact that I’m French, also from Paris. But this scent is underwhelming. As a proper French, I’ve been having all kind a of long and short term affairs with perfumes and scents. I’m a bit disappointed with this product. The warmth needs to come out more. There is a lot of depth in this scent but so little of it comes through nor lasts. The packaging is beautiful though. This product has potential, the most I can say about it.

United States United States
Long lasting, unique scent

Although the scent smells nice, I have other scents that I prefer so I don’t expect this to be my signature scent. Since I don’t live by the pop up I decided to buy this scent un-smelled (if that makes sense!) and I think the scent is lovely and unique. It is not too overbearing but it does have a stronger scent than I prefer (for reference I love JHAG Not a Perfume and Glossier You). The scent is a bit sweet, a bit spicy, and a bit musky without being masculine. I wear it when I’m in the mood for a bit more oomph than my usual scents that are lighter. The scent also lasts ALL DAY, I still get whiffs of it after a 14+ hour day. I love the bottle, the fact that it’s a roller ball application, and it just makes a lovely addition to my perfume tray on my vanity. Definitely recommend if you like something that lasts and want to add a unique scent to your repertoire.

United States United States
Love the subtle fragrance...

I love the softness of this perfume and how mild, luxurious and relaxing it feels. The bottle is gorgeous! The one I got however did not come with the new box so I'm disappointed on that front. The box mine came in wasn't sturdy and was a bit ruffed-up so had to unfortunately throw it in the recycling bin . I also wish the scent lasted longer. Overall a lovely scent that's convenient to carry around in your purse