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Avec Amour

Avec Amour

Perfume / Huile de Parfum

Perfume / Huile de Parfum

0.5 fl oz /  15mL 

 A musky, vetiver fragrance made for everyone and anyone, this roll-on scent will wake up your vavavoom.

It's sensual, yet earthy, blending musky amber, santal, and vetiver base notes with ylang-ylang middle notes and uplifting bergamot top notes. Like most things coming from heaven, it's almost indescribable. 

Take a deep breath and feel the way it touches your skin as you slowly roll the fragrance behind your ears and along your neck. Meaning "with love" in French, Avec Amour is best applied wherever you want to be kissed. 

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One sensual gesture and you’ve fallen in love with yourself all over again. Think of this fragrance as the match that lights the flame. Feel the way it touches your skin as you slowly roll it over the places you’d like to be kissed, and take pleasure throughout the day as the scent becomes your own.

Avec Amour is tiny, chic, and rolls onto the skin, which means application can be very discreet, or very sexywhichever you prefer. Toss it in your bag and reapply whenever and wherever feels good.


Founder's note

To me, beauty is a mood —not a “look.” That’s why I couldn’t develop any other products before creating this perfume. I had to capture that sensual, daring, free attitude that makes a person feel beautiful way before they put makeup on. This scent, above all, makes you feel something, but it also serves as a gentle reminder that beauty so often emerges from what we cannot see. It doesn’t stop with scent however. When you touch a roll-on fragrance directly to your skin, it becomes a sensual way in which you connect back with yourself throughout the day. This is not a moment to be ashamed of, so I made Avec Amour tiny and chic so you’d be proud to pull it out of your bag and reapply—wherever. A few people might fall in love with you along the way, but that’s just a side effect. First and foremost, you apply it “with love” for yourself.

Step by Step

Apply Avec Amour Behind Ears

Apply Avec Amour On Clavicle

Apply Avec Amour On Wrists

Apply Avec Amour On Chest

The V_FR Standard

Safe, No-Compromise Ingredients

We surpass FDA cosmetic requirements for the U.S. and adhere to the stricter European Cosmetic Directive for safe ingredient use. We consistently test our products to ensure safety and efficacy. We prioritize high quality, ethically-sourced ingredients without compromise on performance or luxury. 

Vegan and Cruelty-Free

There are no animal-derived ingredients in any V_FR products (yes, we made the perfect red lip without carmine), and none of our products are tested on animals and all ingredients have been verified to meet the animal testing ban for Europe. 


We are committed to sourcing and utilizing environmentally-conscious  materials that are currently available versus creating concepts that may produce more waste --from the sustainable harvest of natural ingredients to packaging made mainly of PCR and PET -- a challenge that pushes us to be as innovative as possible. 

Commitment to Always Do Better

While we will continue to strive for the most environmentally-conscious and clean beauty standards, we recognize that we can always do better, which requires our consistent, active engagement. We make this commitment to ourselves and you. 


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United States United States
Long lasting, unique scent

Although the scent smells nice, I have other scents that I prefer so I don’t expect this to be my signature scent. Since I don’t live by the pop up I decided to buy this scent un-smelled (if that makes sense!) and I think the scent is lovely and unique. It is not too overbearing but it does have a stronger scent than I prefer (for reference I love JHAG Not a Perfume and Glossier You). The scent is a bit sweet, a bit spicy, and a bit musky without being masculine. I wear it when I’m in the mood for a bit more oomph than my usual scents that are lighter. The scent also lasts ALL DAY, I still get whiffs of it after a 14+ hour day. I love the bottle, the fact that it’s a roller ball application, and it just makes a lovely addition to my perfume tray on my vanity. Definitely recommend if you like something that lasts and want to add a unique scent to your repertoire.

United States United States
Love the subtle fragrance...

I love the softness of this perfume and how mild, luxurious and relaxing it feels. The bottle is gorgeous! The one I got however did not come with the new box so I'm disappointed on that front. The box mine came in wasn't sturdy and was a bit ruffed-up so had to unfortunately throw it in the recycling bin . I also wish the scent lasted longer. Overall a lovely scent that's convenient to carry around in your purse

United States United States
Fantastic summer perfume

I was hesitant to buy perfume without smelling it, but my signature scent has been discontinued. I love avec amour. To me, it smells fresh, almost grassy (but in a good way). It smells sweeter without being floral, which I really like. It smells like the perfect spring/summer scent. I’m not sure if I will want something heavier in the winter; I need to live with it a bit longer. But I love the size and roller application. I always want to take my scent on the go!

United States United States
Avec Amour

It is absolutely my favourite beauty purchase this year. I bought it blind. And have subsequently brought 2 more bottles. It is that good. Please never discontinue the parfume. It’s wonderful.❤️❤️❤️❤️ Great job Violette

United States United States
My little secret

Take a leap of faith-you won't regret it! As soon as I open it I think "oh so pretty!" The packaging is so I put this on it eases me into the morning and wakes me has the perfect sweetness and musky balance...such a treat to start those early mornings. Throughout the day, I smile when I catch the scent of I have a little secret that no one but me knows. Thank you for helping me find my vavavoom back! It's things like these that make a working mama appreciate those small but impactful moments of self care.

United States United States
My New Go-To Fragrance

This is the perfume I have been looking for and didn’t know it. I’m super picky with fragrance as most give me migraines, and I don’t like cloying, sweet scents or heavy scents. This is a delicate skin scent that for me seems to highlight the amber and sandalwood notes. I can’t stop smelling my inner elbows where I apply it. I adore the packaging and the rollerball/oil application. It makes me feel sexy and put together and definitely evokes a mood as Violette intended.

M b.
Obsessed!! Just buy it, you will be too!

This scent is absolutely divine! The other reviews were spot on with scent profile, it is soft, complex but not over powering. Perfect for all seasons. I usually wear Le Labo perfume but I find that even with one spray it’s soooo over powering. I wanted something softer. Violette nailed it! I will say as far as lasting ability I do have to reapply mid day (but that could be just me being used to Le Labo potency, also I love to reapply it’s such an experience with this fragrance being a roller and not a spray ) I feel like a lot of fragrances have a fake overpowering smell that after a while you get a headache wearing them. This is not that. I almost feel like I’m wearing something that is a natural extension of myself. The bottle is easy and convenient to throw in my purse. It’s all so well thought out. I’m truly obsessed.

United States United States

I’m not a perfume lover, I will hard-pass on all scent sprays. I am not drawn to musky or warm/spicy scents, I was sure I would pass on this. In the end, because I do love Violette’s solid perfume collab with In Fiore every now and then, I decided to trust her again. Happily, I am in love! This perfume is sophisticated like Baisers de Jasmin, and the bottled oil is lovely to apply and display. To my nose, the scent is subtle mixture of fresh, clean laundry and essence of cinnamon toast. I bet this scent is a chameleon and a bit different for each person.

United Kingdom United Kingdom
Just Gorgeous

Like others, I bought this fragrance blind because I love and trust Violette’s exquisite sense of style as well as her understanding of the importance of mood when it comes to what we wear and what we surround ourselves with... including fragrance. Oh my, this perfume is so lovely... soft, subtle and gentle.. the kind of perfume that really IS kissable, unlike most, which may have a lovely scent but perhaps not always approachable at such close and intimate quarters. 11 out of 10 chèr Violette!

Elodie B.
France France
Pas suffisamment présent pour moi...

Il est rare que je commande un parfum sans l'avoir senti au préalable, mais je fais une confiance aveugle à Violette, et le concept de l'huile j'avais vraiment très très envie de tester. J'adore cette odeur. Elle a un je ne sais quoi qui me ramène en enfance. Elle est réconfortante, mais aussi assez sensuelle à vrai dire. Par contre, je ne la trouve pas assez présente à mon goût. J'ai un sentiment d'inachevé... Je ne m'y connais pas du tout dans la conception des parfums, et encore moins dans celle des huiles de parfum, mais tout ce que je peux dire c'est que je serais prête à payer un peu plus cher pour un produit plus performant (selon mes critères évidemment).

United Kingdom United Kingdom
Lovely Fragrance!

Such a beautiful and sensual fragrance! I normally don’t purchase fragrances without testing them but I had full trust in Violette and so glad I purchase it. It’s soft and warm yet not sugary or overly sweet. On my skin I get a coconuty-amber scent which later develops into a beautiful musk. This fragrance reminds me of a warm summer evening on the beach with a loved one. Absolutely stunning! Love it

United States United States
Avec Amour, indeed... ❤️

This is just incredible. I am very picky with fragrance, and always steer clear of the seemingly popular mainstream “in your face” (often headache-inducing) ones; for me, they are just overpowering, and everyone seems to gravitate towards the same things and start to smell alike. I always seem to like the smaller less-known ones. The oils that are rich, yet pure, and warm and comforting, yet alluring and sensual at the same time— and nestle nice and close to your skin. Every drop like a nectar melting into your skin. These are hard to find. And often very expensive. But so worth it if and when you do find them. They are certainly as much for YOU as someone who is lucky enough to get that close to you and breath it in. This. This is incredible. Every bit that, and yet every bit special in its own right, as any fine niche fragrance oil should be. Outstanding price for this gem too. Incredible blind buy. If you like floral musk that envelops you like a blanket, and at the same time makes you feel like the incredible unique & special (sexy) person you are, and deserve to feel like, roll some of this on, smile (you will), repeatedly mutter “this is amazing!” & “thank you, Violette!” under your breath (you will), and pat yourself on the back for a brilliant purchase you can enjoy over and over again. Just don’t tell too many people what it is. Or stock up before you do!

United States United States

Somehow this oil fragrance is airy and heavy simultaneously and I love it. I wear it on all the places I want kissed...and it works. Avec Amore is the smell of dreams.

United Kingdom United Kingdom
Small but mighty

I wouldn’t normally purchase a perfume having never smelt it, but I had faith that something produced by Violette would be beautiful. I wasn’t wrong. Firstly, the packaging is even more luxurious than it looks on screen - it’s incredibly weighty and is a piece of art in itself. The smell is light, clean and sensual - I don’t feel like I’m wearing perfume, but just that I smell amazing! I just wish I’d purchased everything else from the collection now! >3

United States United States
Simply exquisite

I had almost given up on fragrance - everything I've tried has either been too strong, one note or lacked staying power....or worse, has you smelling like everyone else. This one changes everything. It's just superb. Softly complex yet fresh and it stays with you all day in a way that is inviting. You notice it because it smells so good, not because it overpowers your senses. It's a total experience. Beautiful packaging and designed with care. I'll never wear anything else.

United States United States

I bought this as soon as I saw it on launch day. I love that it’s an oil since that’s the form of perfume I mostly wear. I put it on and forget about it because it’s not overpowering, and then I get reminders throughout the day whenever I do something that “activates” the scent. It’s subtle and not perfumey, and unexpected, and I’m sure I’d get compliments if I were to actually go somewhere and be around people . For now I wear it for myself.